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PathStation and PathWall
Integrated Macro Imaging Systems

Built-in digital imaging that doesn't disrupt your workflow.

The SPOT PathStation line of products is the highest quality macro imaging system that is designed to fit right into your existing grossing station.  SPOT Imaging Solutions has developed a macro imaging solution for labs that need to add macro imaging, but do not have the space to add a stand-alone imaging system.  With the PathStation, SPOT does all the work to incorporate imaging into your existing setup.  We have a solution for all the major brands of grossing stations.  From popular stations like the Thermo Shandon, Mopec and Mortech, to some obscure systems, we strive to create a solution for everyone!

When you add a PathStation to your grossing station, you can easily capture images to your LIS or company database.  There is no need to worry about compatibility because SPOT takes care of everything for a seamless transition to digital imaging.  With our proud American engineering and manufacturing, we incorporate LED lighting, barcoding, foot pedal and touch-screen control to your workflow.  The PathStation is a trusted solution to document your cases and simplify your daily routine.

Optimized Workflow for Pathologists

SPOT PathSuite software has a task-oriented workflow that simplifies documentation of cases and presents them in an organized and professional manner. With on-screen block and section lines, freehand drawing, annotations and measurements, PathSuite includes all the routine documentation needs. Using all the latest technology, PathSuite will save you time and money by improving laboratory workflow and reducing errors. PathSuite can be easily customized to your specific laboratory needs either with the easy to use SPOT software or with the help of SPOTís customer service representatives. SPOT Imaging Solutions is committed to set you up with software that does exactly what you need it to do as easily and quickly as possible.

Integrated Imaging System Fits Existing Grossing Stations

If you have already invested in the best grossing station for your lab and you now want to add the ability to take digital images right inside your grossing station, then SPOT has the best solution for you. Forget about fumbling with memory cards and using a cumbersome point and shoot camera, SPOT Imaging Solutions is the only vendor that can provide a fully integrated system with the best quality parts and maintains a professional looking solution. With stainless steel parts, a completely enclosed digital camera, a sealed washable medical-grade computer, sealed and autoclavable peripheral devices, and optimized LED lighting, SPOT has thought of everything to be as non-intrusive as possible and still give you the benefit of taking publication-quality images quickly and easily from your workstation.

Scientific Camera Quality

The PathStation and PathWall come with a fully enclosed scientific-grade SPOT Idea camera that is specifically designed for laboratories. To produce publication-quality images every time, SPOT engineered a high-tech LED lighting solution with industry-exclusive polarizers to eliminate glare. The LEDs are optimized for digital pathology and the polarizers are each individually set for optimal results. Add in the included high-contrast background board and no other company can achieve the same results.

Seamless Connectivity to LIS Systems and File Servers

We provide seamless integration with your LIS database or computer file server. In only seconds, you can press a button in your LIS to acquire an image, capture the image, and save it in your LIS. SPOT is dedicated to ensuring maximum integration with every LIS vendor. For those who want to save images on their computers or file servers, PathSuite software automatically names images with the accession, specimen, and image number and creates a folder structure to logically organize your files.

Manufactured for Durability in the Grossing Laboratory Environment

The PathStation and PathWall are precisely engineered with a messy laboratory in mind. The USA manufactured system includes a washable keyboard and mouse and splash resistant electronics. With top quality stainless steel, you do not have to worry about corrosion, and your investment will be around for a very long time. The optional medical-grade computer is also sealed from the elements and can easily wipe clean.

In-Hood Imaging

Wall-Mounted Imaging

  • Integrated into your current grossing station
  • Minimal impact on work space
  • Glare-free LED lighting
  • For samples from 1" to 20"
  • Simple and powerful pathology-focused software with LIS integration
  • Mounts on the grossing room wall
  • Minimal impact on work space
  • Glare-free LED lighting
  • For samples from 1" to 20"
  • Simple and powerful pathology-focused software with LIS integration
Mopec MB600 PathStation Specifications
Shandon Senior PathStation Specifications

Shandon Junior PathStation Specifications
PathWall Specifications
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